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lllUtility Clubslll

Custom Golf Great Balance Hybrid
Similar to CallawayTM 
Big Bertha Hybrid
  • Hybrids need to be versatile and playable for a variety of different shots; these new hybrids are exactly like this: easy to launch high. They incorporate a low, forgiving centre of gravity for maximum forgiveness and increased ball speed.
  • The CG location and loft combine the distance and forgiveness of a fairway wood with the accuracy of a long iron to provide strong trajectories and more dynamic shot-shaping.
  • The updated soleplate is designed for enhanced playability and powerful distance from any lie.
  • Available in fixed lofts of 3/19', 4/22' & 5/25'
Custom Golf Great Balance Hybrid( CGGBHYBRID) £37.46 Ex VAT



£44.95 inc

Custom Golf Z3.0 Hybrid

Similar to PingTM G30 Hybrid

  • The traditional yet game improvement shape is slightly larger, making it more forgiving on mis-hits
  • Rear sole weighting optimizes the CG location and increases the MOI. The result is optimal launch condition and playability from all types of lies, rough and sand.
  • Perfect replacement for difficult to hit long irons.
  • Available in fixed lofts of 2/17', 3/20', 4/23' & 5/27'.
  • Please see our other sections for matching Drivers,Irons,Fairway Woods & Putters.
Custom Golf Z3.0 Hybrid( Z3.0HYBRID) £37.46 Ex VAT



£44.95 inc

Custom Golf SwiftSpeed Hybrid
Similar to TaylorMadeTM 
JetSpeed Hybrid
The Custom Golf SwiftSpeed Hybrid has a low and forward centre of gravity which promotes optimal low spin allowing for higher launching shots. The Custom Golf SwiftSpeed hybrid has introduced an improved speed pocket and has the highest MOI of any hybrid, thus providing tremendous forgiveness and long, straight results on off-centre hits. The SwiftSpeed also features a lower profile head design with a shallow face lowering the centre of gravity allowing for easier shots from the fairway and rough.

A superb choice.
Custom Golf SwiftSpeed Hybrid( SWIFTSPEEDHYBRID) £35.79 Ex VAT



£42.95 inc

Custom Golf FBS 2.0 Rescue Hybrid
Similar to New TaylorMadeTM 
Rocketbladz 2 Hybrid

The Custom Golf FBS 2.0 Rescue hybrid golf club utilises cup face technology along with a power slot placed in the sole just behind the face to create an extremely reactive face that powers the ball out of any difficult lie. The Custom Golf FBS 2.0 comes with a 5 gram weight installed in the sole producing a very low centre of gravity head designed for optimal launch . The aerodynamic deep faced high MOI Custom Golf FBS 2.0 hybrid head has a white finish that makes a dramatic contrast on the course to increase confidence.

It is a great choice for any golfer looking for the latest technology at a reasonable price.

Custom Golf FBS 2.0 Rescue Hybrid( FBS2HYBRID) £37.46 Ex VAT



£44.95 inc

Custom Golf Z2.5 Hybrid

Similar to PingTM G25 Hybrid


The Custom Golf Z2.5 Hybrid utilises a larger head design for increased accuracy and distance. The Custom Golf Z2.5 Hybrid has an increased weight integrated into the sole creating optimal launch angle. The sculpted sole design reduces any detrimental turf interactions helping to create a smoother golf swing with increased club head speed making it a superior choice for golfers of all levels.

Custom Golf Z2.5 Hybrid( Z2.5HYBRID) £33.29 Ex VAT



£39.95 inc

Custom Golf X Heat Hybrid

Similar to 
X Hot Hybrid

The Custom Golf X Heat Hybrid is designed for accuracy, with fairway wood distance. The Custom Golf X Heat Hybrid has a shot shaping head with a consistent offset design for squaring the golf head at impact for improved trajectory and has a sole design that facilitates the golf swings turf interactions.

The Custom Golf X Heat Hybrid helps promote confidence in a golfer at address making it a superior choice for golfers of all abilities.

Custom Golf X Heat Hybrid( XHEATHYBRID) £37.46 Ex VAT



£44.95 inc

Custom Golf FBS Hybrid

Similar to 
Rocketballz Hybrid

Features include:

Recessed pocket on sole near clubface increases ball speed.
*Centre of Gravity is moved low and forward for high launching shots and increased distance.
*Large, deep clubface and high MOI head profile make for greater consistency. 
*White crown makes alignment easy.

A great addition to any golf bag.

Custom Golf FBS Hybrid( FBSHYBRID) £33.29 Ex VAT



£39.95 inc

Custom Golf Lazer XL Hybrid

Similar to CallawayTM Razer X Black

*These Inertia-driven hybrids are highly playable and offer increased ball speeds for higher and longer shots and greater consistency
* Slightly offset hosel helps square the clubface at impact while providing a look at address that   boosts confidence.

*The loft options from 18' to 24' allows golfers to replace their long irons with hybrid technology.

A great choice for golfers of all levels.
Custom Golf Lazer XL Hybrid( LAZERXLHYBRID) £39.13 Ex VAT



£46.95 inc

Custom Golf Z 2.0 Hybrid
Similar to PingTM G20 Hybrid


The Custom Golf Z 2.0 Hybrid features a swept crown and heavier weighted sole for improved trajectory and ease of play. The unique shape features an iron-style face and hosel design.

The Custom Golf Z 2.0 Hybrid is a high launching, forgiving alternative to long and mid-irons; the clean look at address inspires confidence.

These hybrids are a perfect golf club for both the low and the high handicap golfer looking for added distance and consistency with their longer shots.

Custom Golf Z 2.0 Hybrid( Z20HYBRID) £33.29 Ex VAT



£39.95 inc

Custom Golf T11 Hybrid

Similar to TaylorMadeTM T11


This new Ti11 hybrid features a sloped crown design and heavier weighted sole that position the Centre of Gravity low and away from the face. The sloped crown optimises a Centre of Gravity location and creates a high-launching, versatile alternative to mid and long irons. This unique design promotes more spin and lift for iron-like accuracy and wood-like playability.

Hybrid design combines fairway wood distance with the control and accuracy of an iron. Versatile from any lie and more forgiving on mis-hits than traditional long irons. The Design helps golfers to hit higher and longer shots, even those shots struck low on the face. These inertia-driven clubs are highly playable and offer hot ball speeds with either standard or Tour models, so golfers can dial in ideal performance.

Custom Golf T11 Hybrid( CGT11HYBRID) £29.13 Ex VAT



£34.95 inc

Custom Golf X-Balance Hybrid

Similar to CallawayTM X Hybrid


Engineered with a sloped crown to create a high-launching, solid feeling, versatile alternative to mid and long irons. Features new internal weighting distribution that re-positions the CG for lower spin rates and greater distance. Features a larger profile with a taller face and deeper crown that produces a higher moment-of-inertia for greater forgiveness and increased ball velocity.
Custom Golf X-Balance Hybrid( CGXBALANCEHY) £33.29 Ex VAT



£39.95 inc

Custom Golf I Drive Hybrid

Similar to TaylorMadeTM Burner Rescue Hybrid

Launch the ball with total ease; just make a smooth swing and the ball is gone - straight and long!

Pull Face construction gives a higher COR promoting faster ball speed for increased distance

Shallow clubface design moves the CG position lower and farther back which makes the club easy to launch

Dramatically boosted MOI for consistent results even on miss-hits

Custom Golf I Drive Hybrid( CGIDRIVEHY) £35.79 Ex VAT



£42.95 inc

Custom Golf T9000 Utility Club

Similar to Taylor
Made'sTM Rescue Dual
Utility Club


The latest technology of weight configuration has been offered on all of our T9000 woods and irons. We are now able to offer this new technology in our new T9000 driving irons. The T9000 Driving Irons have two weight ports located on the sole of the driving iron head near the heel and toe and are designed for players that dont use their long irons. The set comes with two 4-gram weights installed in the heads. Also included with each set are one 2, 6, 8 gram weights and one tool. Golfers can experiment with the weight configurations that best suits their needs. Available in right and left hand.

Custom Golf T9000 Utility Club( CGT9000UC) £24.96 Ex VAT



£29.95 inc

Custom Golf X9 Extreme MOI Hybrid

Similar to TaylorMadeTM R9 Rescue Hybrid


The X9 Extreme MOI Hybrid features versatility, distance and control all in one space-age package; designed to deliver the most creative shot-making. A draw or fade is easy.

New compact head shape for greater versatility, playability and confidence

Lower CG makes it easier to launch the ball high and long

New Low-Friction Sole promotes clean, square contact.

Custom Golf X9 Extreme MOI Hybrid( CGX9MOIHY) £31.63 Ex VAT



£37.95 inc

Custom Golf Utility Club

Similar to CallawayTM  Heaven Wood


The Custom Golf Utility Club offers the accuracy and control of your long irons. At the same time it also gives you the distance and forgiveness of your fairway woods - a great driving iron for all level of players
Custom Golf Utility Club( CGUC) £24.96 Ex VAT



£29.95 inc

Custom Golf P16 Extreme Hybrid

Similar to PingTM G15 Hybrid


The P16 Extreme Hybrid features a versatile head design with an Internal Weighting System.

The P16 has sloped crown and a heavier weighted toe for improved trajectory, distance and ease of play. The unique shape features an iron style face for maximum control and forgiveness, making it a great hybrid design that can be hit from the tee, the rough or the fairway.

The P16 Extreme Hybrid will help any golfer looking to improve tee shots, fairway shots and trouble shots.

Custom Golf P16 Extreme Hybrid( CGP16EXHYBRID) £24.96 Ex VAT



£29.95 inc