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Custom Golf CZ1600 Wedge

Similar to ClevelandTM CG 16 Wedge

* Perfect combination of performance and forgiveness.

* The weight notch design relocates weight to the heel and toe to promote low Centre of Gravity and increased forgiveness on off-centre shots.

*The sole design promotes consistent impact and a controlled ball flight on all wedge shots.

*A must for the discerning golfer

Custom Golf CZ1600 Wedge( CGCZ1600WEDGE) £24.96 Ex VAT



£29.95 inc

Custom Golf Soft Cast Wedge

Similar to TaylorMadeTM Z-Spin Wedge.

  • Precision cast from soft 18-8 Stainless Steel and carefully finished in classic High Polish.
  • Classic styling and solid feel have made this model one of our most popular wedges.
  • Proven shape and bounce design provide accurate play from any lie.
  • 3 Lofts to fit any golfer and situation. A great addition to your golf set
Custom Golf Soft Cast Wedge( CGSCW) £24.96 Ex VAT



£29.95 inc

Custom Golf True Ace Chipper
True Ace Chipper

The True Ace Chipper features a cavity back and toe/heel weighting with an elongated face for optimal accuracy. Four-way chamber sole allows the club to glide through the grass to ensure solid contact with the golf ball. This is a great club for those tricky chip shots around the green and a sure fire way to lower your scores. Standard length is ladies 34" and men's 35". 

Custom Golf True Ace Chipper( CGTACHIPPER) £24.96 Ex VAT



£29.95 inc

Custom Golf X5 Extreme Wedge

F2 Plus WedgeTM

This is a fantastic wedge for players who struggle with their pitching and chip shots. We cannot speak highly enough about the X5 wedge. It really has to be tried to be believed!

The X5 Wedge is designed with a major on-set (face forward) design that is shank free. By forcing your hands forward of the ball you don't quit on the shot and fat shots are a thing of the past.

From difficult lies the face makes contact with the ball before the hosel can get caught up in the grass, thereby reducing the chance of twisting the club for an offline shot.

Easy to lay open for flop shots near the green.

The feedback from our customers endorses the fact that the unique features of the X5 wedge could consign your fluffed shots to a thing of the past.

Custom Golf X5 Extreme Wedge( CGX5EXTREMEWG) £33.29 Ex VAT



£39.95 inc

Custom Golf Extreme X5 Chipper Head
Similar to OdysseyTM X-Act Tank Chipper
  • The wide sole glides through the rough without scuffing the turf.
  • Offset hosel design increases the effective face area and eliminates the chance of shanking the ball. The result is solid contact with the ball.
  • Precision cast from durable stainless steel.
  • A great shot saving club.
  • The go to club for those tricky shots around the green.
Custom Golf Extreme X5 Chipper Head( CGEX5CHIP) £37.46 Ex VAT



£44.95 inc