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Custom Golf Nitrogen Fairway Wood
Similar to CallawayTM  RAZR Hawk Fairway Wood

The Nitrogen Fairway Wood uses a new aerodynamic design that reduces drag for faster club head speeds and more distance. The Nitrogen's new technology produces a golf club with a high Moment of Inertia for increased stability on off centre shots that allows a player to produce a penetrating shot down the fairway.

The Nitrogen Fairway Wood is a great choice for all handicap's that are looking for greater distance and enhanced consistency.

Custom Golf Nitrogen Fairway Wood( CGNITROFWY) £33.29 Ex VAT



£39.95 inc

Custom Golf Quadratic IV Fairway Wood

Similar to CallawayTM FT iZ Fairway Wood

The Quadratic IV MOI Golf Fairway Wood features a larger profile with an extended face and bullet shaped crown, producing a higher moment-of-inertia.

The High MOI allows for greater forgiveness and increased ball velocity resulting in longer and more accurate shots.

Extremely high Moment of Inertia for increased stability on off centre shots.

Powerful triangular head design for long controlled shots down the fairway.

Custom Golf Quadratic IV Fairway Wood( QUADRATIC4FWY) £33.29 Ex VAT



£39.95 inc

Custom Golf T-Model Fairway
Similar to TaylorMadeTM V Steel Fairway Wood
The T-Model fairway wood sole minimises turf-resistance, resulting in longer, straighter shots. Medium trajectory, maximum yardage and workability.
Custom Golf T-Model Fairway( CGTMODEL) £24.96 Ex VAT



£29.95 inc Out of Stock

Custom Golf Adobe II Max MOI Fairway Wood

Similar to CallawayTM  Diablo Fairway Wood

The Adobe Max MOI Fairway Wood incorporates an advanced weight distribution technology that allows precise positioning of the centre of gravity for dramatically improved distance and golf club stability on off centre hits.

This is a great fairway wood for both high and low handicap golfers, looking for improved distance and a head that enhances a golfer's shot shaping abilities.

Extremely High Moment of Inertia for increased stability on off centre shots; and a traditional shape for a confident swing.

Custom Golf Adobe II Max MOI Fairway Wood( CGDIABLOFWY) £29.13 Ex VAT



£34.95 inc

Custom Golf Z 2.0 Fairway Wood
Similar to PingTM  G20 Fairway

The Custom Golf Z 2.0 fairway wood is for all ability levels. The external weighting of the Custom Golf Z 2.0 Fairway Wood helps launch the ball at the perfect trajectory with low spin for maximum distance and accuracy.

The clubface on the head is larger, creating more forgiveness across the hitting area and the Custom Golf Z 2.0's head rotation is neutral, allowing the golfer to deliver the clubface straight at impact.

A superb addition to your golf set.

Custom Golf Z 2.0 Fairway Wood( CGZ20FWY) £33.29 Ex VAT



£39.95 inc

Custom Golf Ti 9007D 460cc Driver
Similar to TitleistTM 907 D2 Driver

The TI9007D Titanium 460cc Driver is our latest addition to the TP series. It has a forged titanium head constructed with a slightly more elongated shape than its predecessor the TP II Ti and offers even more forgiveness and control.

Custom Golf Ti 9007D 460cc Driver( CGTI9007D460) £41.63 Ex VAT



£49.95 inc

Custom Golf Lazer XL Fairway Wood
Similar to 
Lazer X Black Fairway Wood

The Custom Golf XL fairway woods have a large footprint and deep face. The enlarged sweetspot generates a faster ball speed and is designed for golfers looking for added distance coupled with consistent shotmaking.

These fairway woods come with cool black look and inspire confidence. The Custom Golf XL fairway wood delivers the distance and pinpoint accuracy to attack the course.

Custom Golf Lazer XL Fairway Wood( LAZERXLFWY) £33.29 Ex VAT



£39.95 inc

Custom Golf V93 XQ Titanium Driver
Similar to TaylorMadeTM R11 Titanium Driver

The Tour Model T11 features new technology promoting up to 100 yards of side-to-side trajectory change and 1,000 RPM backspin change, giving you consistent power and distance. Adjust the centre of gravity location with Movable Weight Technology (MWT)

The new aerodynamic shape promotes faster clubhead speed for more distance.

The white non-glare crown and black clubface (which provides easy alignment) will improve your game and that sleek white finish will make you the centre of attention on the course and in the clubhouse.

Custom Golf V93 XQ Titanium Driver( CGTI11DRIVER) £49.96 Ex VAT



£59.95 inc

Custom Golf Z2.5 Titanium Driver

Similar to PingTM 
G25 Driver

The Custom Golf Z 2.5 driver head has an expanded face to back distance. By expanding the head in this way the centre of gravity is moved further behind the face drastically increasing the moment of inertia or MOI. The higher the MOI the more stable the head is on any miss hit shots, producing a more forgiving driver head.

The Custom Golf Z 2.5 driver head with it's larger face and high MOI is a very easy to hit driver that delivers increased distance and accuracy for all levels of golfer.

Custom Golf Z2.5 Titanium Driver( CGZ2.5DRIVER) £58.29 Ex VAT



£69.95 inc

Custom Golf T11 Iron 3 - SW

Similar to TaylorMadeTM 
R11 Irons

*An iron designed with a deep undercut cavity and a recessed weight.

*Traditional head profile promotes increased forgiveness and confidence.

*The deep undercut cavity positions the Centre of Gravity deep behind the face for a more solid feel on impact and greater consistency.

*The deeply re-set weight in the cavity is positioned toward the toe and heel for maximum forgiveness on off-centre shots.

*Traditional look is enhanced by the latest design technology to produce a superb iron set.

Custom Golf T11 Iron 3 - SW( CGT11IRON) £141.63 Ex VAT



£169.95 inc